Dear Friends of Our LADY,

Our Lady has been coming now for 40 years to prepare the Church for: a “period of peace” in which her Son will reign in both the Eucharist and the interior life of the Church in a “new and divine holiness.”

Our Blessed Mother is preparing her children for a Blessing that will flood the world ~ an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

On March 25, 2020 Our LADY informed us: “…satan is reigning and wants to destroy your lives and the earth on which you
walk.”… on August 2, 2011: “…you cannot stop the evil that wants to begin to rule in this world and to destroy it. But, according to GOD’S Will, all together, with my Son, you can change everything and heal the world.”

In this time of trial and great suffering for the Church and the world Our LADY is telling us that united, together with JESUS, we can change everything and heal the world.

Our LADY has given us the weapons (5 stones) to destroy satan – i.e. Prayer with the heart (Rosary); Holy Mass (Eucharist); Confession (once a month); Bible (read daily) Fasting (Wednesday and Fridays, preferably bread and water).







25 June, 2021

“Dear children!

My heart is joyful
because through
these years I see
your love and
openness to my
Today I am calling
all of you:
pray with me
for peace and freedom,

because Satan
is strong and
by his deception,
wants to lead
away all the more
hearts from my
motherly heart.
That is why decide
for God so that it
may be good for
you on the land
which God gave
Thank you for
having responded
to my call.

Mary TV Link