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PALM SUNDAY – 4th & 5th April, 2020



You may download Reflections by Martin Bennett here: Holy Week, 2020

Dear friends,

I’m aware that in this time of isolation, many people are finding it very noisy! However, if you are looking for some material to help you deepen your understanding of the events and significance of Holy Week, a number of talks, (written and audio), are available on Fr. Tom Cullinan’s website.


In the ‘Hearing the Word’ section, Tom considers why Jesus had to die, (was it really the will of his loving Father?), and gives scriptural insights into the events and the characters we meet in Holy Week, leading to a much deeper understanding of what actually happened, and why. Includes a meditation for Holy Thursday.

Next week there will be more detailed talks (audio) available on the key events of the week.

Feel free to download/distribute as you see fit as well.

Go to Fr. Tom Cullinan’s Talks and click on the ‘Hearing the Word’ picture to find the Holy Week Material.