On 23rd April we remember St. George, the Patron Saint of England.  Legend has it that George was a Christian who became a high-ranking officer in the Roman army.  The story is that a dragon made its nest at the spring that provided water for the city of Cyrene, so each day, in order to collect water, the citizens had to lure the dragon away with a human sacrifice.  George, passing through on his travels, slew the dragon, so the grateful citizens abandoned their paganism and converted to Christianity.  When he criticized the Emperor’s decision to persecute Christians, George was tortured by being lacerated on a wheel of swords then executed by decapitation on April 23, 303. The witness of his suffering convinced some pagans to become Christians




Thankfully, we don’t have to fight dragons, or suffer persecution, torture or execution.  However, no matter how ordinary and uneventful our day-to-day living might be, our decisions and our actions affect other people, without us even realising it.  Perhaps we should remind ourselves of what we believe in and let our decisions and actions reflect those beliefs. 


We agreed that we need to stand up for what we believe in.  Sometimes matters are not clear-cut – there are strengths and weaknesses, or pluses and minuses to be considered and we’re not quite sure what to do.  This is why we need to ask for God’s help in all that we do. 


Next week our topic is Worry (Matthew 6:26). 


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Meetings each Thursday at 1.30 pm in St. Helen’s Parish Centre.