Jesus said: “Whoever humbles himself will be exalted” (Matthew 23:12). But what exactly is humility?


It’s obviously not the insincere grovelling of the odious Uriah Heep in David Copperfield who pretends to be subservient by repeating “I’m ever so ‘umble”.  It’s not passively accepting bad things that happen – this can be apathy and inaction rather than humility.  It’s not necessarily quiet or introverted behaviour – this can be a character trait of timid people.   It’s not being a door-mat – this is humiliation and shouldn’t be encouraged.  It’s not feeling worthless, because in the sight of God we are very precious.


Humility doesn’t come naturally, but has to be consciously developed by not constantly wanting our own way; by not wanting to be in charge all the time;  by being aware of our own faults instead of complaining about the faults of others. 

The word ‘humility’ comes from the Latin word humus meaning ‘earth’ and connects to the word ‘human’.  Therefore, to be humble is to be down to earth; to be realistic and honest; to know that we are no better than any other human, and not to arrogantly exalt ourselves.




We agreed that humility is something we have to work hard at.   We talked of the need to  constantly remind ourselves how much God loves us and, at the same time, remind ourselves that he wants us to be loving and kind to others;  praying for the grace to treat everyone as a brother or sister;  neither inferior nor superior to ourselves.     



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