“He’s been here so long, he thinks he owns the place!”  How often have we heard that?  Unfortunately, this attitude can be found in all walks of life – in the workplace, in social clubs, in voluntary organisations and in churches.  Those who have been there the longest think they are in some way superior to newcomers.  


In the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1), worldly ways are turned upside down when the master treats the newcomers the same as those that have been there longest and, in fact, says that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.


The problem with belonged to something for a long time is that it can create a sense of having earned a position of superiority, thus creating inequality and an absence of humility.  Regardless of how long we have been a part of any group, we should ask ourselves if we arrogantly believe that we are of more value than others, or if we humbly acknowledge that others have as much to offer as we do.




We agreed that sometimes people involved in charitable work, or church activities, can get so caught up with what they are doing that God/the message of Jesus can become sidelined.   We felt that a daily examination of conscience is a good thing.  Am I doing what God wants me to do, or what I want to do?  Am I working for the glory of God, or for my own glory?  Am I trying, at all times, to be kind to my neighbour – or am I too busy with my charity/church activities to think about that?  We are all capable, at various times, of thinking ourselves superior, in different ways, to someone else – so we all need to pray for humility and tolerance.


As 18-25 January is the week of Prayer for Christian Unity, next week’s topic is: Unity (Book of Judges; John 17; Luke 15:7)


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