FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Communication


A breakdown in communication can be frustrating.  If it happens between friends and family it can be heartbreaking.  


In the story of the Tower of Babel (Gen.1:11), the people had become too full of their own importance, so God confused their language and they were unable to communicate – they babbled.  


The day of Pentecost (Acts 2) reversed this situation.  The Spirit of God came down on people from different nations, who had come together to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, and suddenly the language barrier was overcome – all these strangers could understand what was being said.


If we find that communication has broken down between ourselves and others – friends, family members, neighbours, or colleagues – maybe we need to ask ourselves if we have started to rely too much on our own ingenuity and pushed God out.  God understands our problems better than we do, and we need to listen to him;  we also need to listen with love to what others have to say.  Only when the Spirit of God is welcomed in will we start to listen clearly, understand clearly and thus communicate.


We felt that pride, lack of kindness and lack of humility are some of the causes of a breakdown in communication.  If we can put aside our self-centredness, humbly putting our trust in God and trying to be kind and understanding towards others, we have a better chance of keeping open the channel of communication. 


Today was our last meeting until the Autumn.


Wishing you a very happy Summer.


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