On Palm Sunday Christians celebrate the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt and the crowds greeted him with palm branches, crying ‘Hosanna’, which means ‘Save now’ (Mt 21:1; Mk 11:1; Jn 12:12).  The crowds expected him to save them by driving the Romans out of Palestine.  People of importance would ride in a chariot or at least on horseback, so by riding on a colt Jesus demonstrated his humility.  This showed that he was not a political saviour, but a spiritual saviour and the way of spiritual salvation is through humility.   


A few days later, at the Last Supper, he gave a further display of humility when he washed his disciples feet (John 13:1), a menial task normally performed by a servant.  Jesus explained to them that he, who they called ‘Lord’ and ‘Teacher’, had done this in order to set an example; as he had done for them, so they should do for each other.


These are two readings we can reflect on whenever we feel tempted towards self-importance.




We talked about the importance of humility – the need to humbly trust in God and the need for constant self-examination of our motives.


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