Fr. Hubert Strowbridge

Fr. Hubert Strowbridge

Again, we are not going too far – an easy journey and suitable for those who cannot, or don’t want to, walk far when we reach our destination – this time, West Kirby. 

One can get there all the way by train – or by bus, whichever you prefer – or, of course, a combination of the two.  If you decide on bus all the way: get the 53 to Queen’s Square, walk round to Sir Thomas Street for the 437 to West Kirby.  If you decide on train – go to Moorfields and get the train there to West Kirby – lift available at Moorfields Station. 

Whichever way you go – you arrive at West Kirby Station.  Cross over the road (green man available) to Barclay’s Bank on the corner of Dee Lane and Grange Road.  An imposing building built in 1908 by the Bank of Liverpool – external of specially selected Runcorn stone with green Westminster slates.  The tower main cornice stone windows and main entrance are features which attract special attention.  Do go inside, and read all about it on a board on the right as you go inside.   Then going out, continue a short distance down Dee Lane into Sandlea Park recreation area (with seats/almost opposite Morrisons) and going right through, you will see Sandlea House – an unusual building now converted into flats – note the Coach House at the end of Sandlea Park Road – note also the ancient stone wall around the recreation area. 

After that, continue down Dee Lane and at the bottom decide whether to go right – West Kirby beach or go left – the Marine Lake – more seats for you to sit on overlooking the Marine Lake.  Between the big board telling you about Hilbre Island – when you can go across to it (about 1 hours walk I’m told) and some shops, there are some steps you can go up to see the view.  The Benedictines of St. Werbergs established a small cell on Hilbre Island and people went on pilgrimage to it – but there is no trace of that now. 

West Kirby was a village at one time – but now a town.  It was once a port with names of ships registered in the area about 400 years ago – “The Pride of West Kirby”, “The Trinity of West Kirby”, “The Rose of West Kirby”, “The Nutlock of Hilbre”, “The Gridlock of Caldy”.  After all that, you need refreshment before returning.  Morrisons do a Pot of Tea for £1.


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