SYNOD 2020

The Church is listening…..


What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?

At the Diocesan Synod in October 2020, decisions will be made that will shape the Church in our Diocese, as we try to ‘become the Church we are called to be’.


There is an excellent website giving lots of information about the aims of the Synod and the journey to Oct 2020. Please visit


The proposals to be voted depend on what ordinary parishioners like you say. This is not, as some people think, saying the Church is a democracy: it is far more than that. In the spirit of Vatican II, and of Pope Francis, ‘Synodality’ is the way the Church hierarchy can hear what the Holy Spirit is saying through ordinary people, in ordinary lives. The Synod will be therefore discerning what sort of Church God is calling us to be.


Please do find the time to watch – and talk about – the inspirational talk given by Fr. Eamon Mulcahy,


…. we need to talk!

Over the coming months, the Synod members for our local parishes and Pastoral Area will be providing opportunities for people to offer their thoughts and experiences, their hopes and worries for the future of our Church.


During Lent, the Synod 2020 organisers have asked that we begin the listening process by reflecting on the Gospels and the words of Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium’,  (The Joy of the Gospel). Each week, the materials will be provided will include a number of questions for people to think about and to discuss in groups.


Since not everyone is part of a group and not everyone can attend meetings, we would like to offer a way for you to contribute to the discussion.  If you click on the ‘HAVE YOUR SAY: Questions’ on the drop down Menu below SYNOD 2020, you can click on the link for the appropriate week.  Answer the questions and click ‘submit’.  


You can write as much or as little as you wish on the questions. All answers are anonymous, so when we report back on what people are saying, no one will be identified. Hopefully, then, you will feel free to speak openly, freely and honestly: if the Holy Spirit understands our doubts and worries, our shortcomings and hesitancy, then why shouldn’t the Church?


It is by being open and by sharing our thoughts and experiences that we can begin to discern how the Church can support us in bringing the Good News to the world we live and work in.


Click on

and start talking!

Look forward to hearing from you.


Mary T Branton, (Parish Synod Member)

Martin Bennett   (Pastoral Area Member)

Fr. Martin Caddell