Luke 16:10: “Whoever is faithful in a very little is faithful also in much …


But I’m tired of dealing with the little, insignificant duties of my life. 


PADRE PIO’S ASSURANCE:  “Be aware of complaining of being miserable and unhappy, because besides the fact that many expressions are unseemly for a servant of God, they also arise from an excessively dejected soul, and are nothing but impatience and resentment.  Make a particular effort to practice sweetness and submission to the will of God, not only in extraordinary matters, but even in the little things that occur daily.  Make these acts with a tranquil and joyful spirit.  And if you should fail in this, humble yourself, make a new proposition, to get up, and continue on your way.  “As you go about your daily business, examine yourself to see … if you always hold onto the Lord with one hand … Calm your soul and let it rest again.”


Lord, forgive my complaints about the little things in my life that seem so  insignificant to me, but not to you.  Take my hand and keep me faithful.   Amen.

Inspirations From St. Pio.




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