Synod 2020


As a result of the listening phase of Synod 2020, we have been sent 120 Proposals for action and 45 affirmation statements. In June 2021, the proposals that are voted on will be put into action and shape how the Church changes; the statements voted on will create the
framework for change.

Have your say. Our role as Synod members is to discern the views and hopes of parishioners. We have broken all the proposals into themes to allow focused reflection and so that submitting your responses can be done over time.

You can visit the Synod section of the parish website, choose a theme, click on the link and complete each survey, or you can pick up paper copies from church and return to the box.  Please remember: the church will change; if you contribute, you help shape the change – if you don’t you let others shape it for you. Please forward the links to other parishioners including those who aren’t regularly in contact with church. We have to submit our proposals at
the beginning of December.

If you have any trouble making your contribution or wish to ask any questions, please contact:

Martin Bennett (07931902346;
MaryT Branton (07896841024,
or Danny McKillop (